Creation Workshop

Creation Workshop Pro - Individual License

  • Dedicated machine support forum at
  • Customized slicing profiles and machine configurations​
  • Individual help to set up a GUI and machine and building profiles

Download the latest version and try it out! Creation Workshop comes with a user manual and basic hardware guide. You can always visit our forums for ALL the latest information : We are very open to suggestions on how to improve the software 

Creation Workshop Free Trial!!


     For the home hobbyist, Creation Workshop is free trial. Even use in a commercial environment for free trial is fine! This is only Commercial distribution of the software in any form requires a licensing agreement. 

   Our goal is to provide a free trial version (an open-source free software) that can help individuals and companies develop solutions and printers to fit their individual 3d building needs.  However, any commercial printer or redistribution use of the software require a commercial distribution agreement.

The yearly vendor license gives you all the benefits of the 'Pro' license as well as the ability to distribute an unlimited number of copies of the customized Creation Workshop software along with your 3d printer. This license is intended for the vendor who wishes to distribute a customized version of Creation Workshop or a (along with a) 3d printer.